Here, we have listed some of our projects. Our loyalty to our clients resulted in full engagement with their business. So, our work never limited to just the technical development of the required product. We followed the client to ensure that the business is successful.


A webshop was developed for our client. We also provided insights about business, marketing, and SEO.

We have been proposing optimizations to the production process based on LEAN-Six Sigma principles. By using these principles the business could reduce cost, waste, and the carbon footprint.


We developed a strategy regarding positioning in the market. After the evaluations, we proposed to consider using locally produced Danish flowers and focus on reducing the environmental impact.

We helped our client in finding an angel investor, built the website, and worked with SEO. The business has been very successful. A large production workshop is equipped to produce flower bouquets at a larger scale.


We have been involved in developing the business idea, website, working on the backend using React, developing the admin panel with Laravel, etc.

It is a packshot company. Delivering high-quality photos to the local businesses